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Case Studies
Case Study: Luxury Destination Club
Case Study: Colorado State University
Published by: Michael Phillips
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Case Study: Northwestern University

Published by: Michael Phillips
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University Parent Fund Nearly Quadruples In Size

Northwestern University, one of the country’s leading private research and teaching universities, wanted to find out who, among new parents of enrolled students, was capable of giving major gifts to their university. 

The Goal

Northwestern wanted to define and segment their university’s prospect pool to determine which parents had the highest propensity and capacity to give to the school.

WealthEngine’s Solution

By conducting a screening through WealthEngine, major gift officers were able to find, segment, and prioritize prospects. This enabled them to connect with prospective donors through invite-only parent welcome events as well as tailoring their outreach to existing parents they hadn’t previously communicated with.

The Result

Northwestern was able to identify new parents capable of contributing major gifts upon the enrollment of new students. Over 6 years, the University’s Parent Fund increased 280%, nearly quadrupling in size from $500k to $1.9M.