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The WealthEngine Platform leads the market in delivering the best wealth intelligence and prospect research. When you’re using The WealthEngine Platform, you’re finally getting the insights you need to find, understand and engage wealthy prospects.



WealthEngine Search pulls together data from 60 sources to look through million profiles and households.


The insights will wow you. Learn more about a prospect’s – or existing customer’s – wealth including assets like stock and real estate to income details and charitable contributions.  Search also lets you explore demographic and lifestyle attributes.


Profiles provide insight scores so you can make more informed plans like:


  • Propensity to Give (P2G)
  • Estimated Spending Capacity
  • Total Assets
  • Net Worth
  • Cash on Hand
  • Estimated Annual Donations
  • Gift Capacity Range


You can also explore wealth attribute ratings like Gift Capacity Rating, RFM, Inclination: Giving, Inclination: Affiliation, Influence and Planned Giving—Bequest, Annuity & Trust.



Fill in the gaps.


You need to know more about your customers and prospects, and that means a complete, accurate, and demographic-rich contact database. To fill in those gaps, WealthEngine supplements and deepens your data records. Our Screening solution helps you find, segment, and prioritize prospects, and then our proprietary wealth scores and ratings make it easy to focus on the right ones.  Screening will help you with


  • Data Enrichment – Uncover hidden potential in your database. Take our proprietary wealth scores and ratings and merge them with your contact data. Enhance contact records with lifestyle demographic details, total assets, net worth, cash on hand, propensity to give, propensity to spend, charitable giving and more.


  • Data Cleaning. Bad data means wasted effort – keep yours current. WealthEngine Clean detects and corrects inaccuracies in your database and gives you more insight into your audience.


  • Secure Delivery. Cloud delivery. The WealthEngine Platform delivers, processes, and transfers files via the cloud, so it’s safe and sound. The system cleans and enriches data through express and batch-based processing.


  • Real-Time Data Append – On Demand Screening gives fundraisers and marketers the ability to personalize outreach, qualify leads, and maximize opportunities by providing the wealth of individuals as they interact with an organization’s websites in real-time.


Focus Your Funnel To engage prospects who are conversion-ready, you have to do three things:


1) Understand what factors predict conversion

2) Use those factors to ultra-segment an audience

3) Contact them


WealthEngine Prospect offers a simple way to find, understand and contact wealthy prospects with a high chance of conversion. Build ultra-segmented audiences of potential donors who are most likely to connect with your brand based on specific propensity, capacity, and intent attributes. From there, you can build rich, wealth-aware campaigns to cultivate awareness with those most likely to engage


And look-alike modeling based on your best customers lets you create more of an impact in your outreach.



Discover what makes your audience tick. WealthEngine Analyze is a predictive lead scoring and analysis platform that harnesses the power of one of the largest consumer data sets ever created, so you can gain deep, actionable intelligence and quickly identify your best prospects. Our point-and-click web-based solution arms you with new insights to score leads and prioritize your actions.


  • Answer your burning questions – Who will give? Who will buy? Where are they? What do they like?


  • Pinpoint your best prospects – Score your leads and prioritize which ones to engage first.


  • Get new leads just like your best – Gain unrivaled intelligence to find perfectly targeted prospects.


Get Rid of the Guesswork.


Apply advanced data science to create a picture of your ideal customer, and then use that model to find prospects who “look” like your best. Quickly score a new list to see how similar they are to your best customer based on attributes you determine.


With predictive analysis and modeling, we find new high-net-wealth prospects by deepening the data for your best existing customers or donors. You’ll be able to predict how much they’ll spend, invest or donate, and when they’re likely to do it. It’s data, but it’s science – hundreds of wealth data points and proprietary algorithms. For you, though, it’s the right results.



Make your data work the way you want.


The systems you rely on don’t always speak the same language. You could have sales or donation data and contact information in one system and membership or loyalty history in another. You need your platforms to play nicely so that you can work efficiently and see a complete picture of your customer, donor, or member.


Our actionable wealth and lifestyle insights can’t help you if you can’t easily integrate them into your daily operations. We can integrate our data into all major CRM systems and DMSs.  Now you can get the best data directly into the systems you use everyday.


WealthEngine integrates your systems through scalable, real-time integration. We work with the leading providers to offer strong partnerships and integrations that let us deliver solutions that work even better for you.


Over the life of our Marketing History campaign, we have added more than 14,000 prospects. Of these 9,000 have been donors to the campaign. In aggregate this new pool of prospects have made campaign commitments for $600 million.
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