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More than just net worth

The WealthEngine API lets you look up the net worth of almost anyone in the U.S. in real time. WealthEngine has many wealth attributes such as net worth, income, stock, real estate, and giving capacity that can help inform your targeting and relationship management approach.

  • Authentic sources – We normalize and process data from multiple sources. We use data science to boil it all down so that it’s accurate and simple
  • Millions of individual profiles – Individual profiles covering almost the entire U.S. adult population.
  • Propensity to give – Our Propensity to Give (P2G) score provides unique insight into charitable giving behavior.
More than just net worth
Why WealthEngine API?

Market More Efficiently

Every day, millions of transactions take place that depend on someone’s financial capacity to invest, donate, or buy. Knowing a prospect’s wealth enables you to sell and market more efficiently, all while personalizing your offer to your prospects

Secure, Fast, Reliable, and Scalable

We built our platform from the ground up with security, reliability, performance, and scalability in mind. All communication uses the latest security standards. All of our endpoints deliver sub-second response times. Our infrastructure is fully redundant and leverages a modern cloud architecture supporting any scale.

By Developers, For Developers

Our API was thoughtfully developed by engineers that love software development, use other APIs, and know what makes APIs great. We’re committed to delivering you a simple, useful set of endpoints and documentation that enables you to build great products quickly and easily. If we aren’t, we want to know.

Why WealthEngine API?
A Simple, RESTful API

The WE API is incredibly straightforward The API is a RESTful API that returns JSON. There are only a few simple endpoints to know.

Powerful Search

You can look up someone by: name and address, email address, or phone number.


Our developer dashboard makes it easy to manage your apps and track usage.


You can just sign up and play with our sandbox. The sandbox doesn’t return real data, but it’s the same as production in every other way.

A Simple, RESTful API

Use Cases

Event Registration
Event Registration
Target event attendees for specialized engagements using insights gained at registration.
Website Sign-Up
Website Sign-Up
Understand your audience from the moment they register on your site
Hotel Check-In
Hotel Check-In
Gain insights on your guests for upsell and cross-sell opportunities generated at check-in
Airline Check-In
Airline Check-In
Identify upsell opportunities for your ancillary products driven by wealth insights.
Auto Sales
Auto Sales
Learn more about customers during initial engagement to help personalize the sales process.
Real Estate
Real Estate
Effectively manage real estate appointments and financial scale using wealth data.
In-store Retail
In-store Retail
Learn more about customers as they engage or at the point of sale.
Understand more about customers to help surface products relevant to their needs or price range.


Documentation – online and available on the public facing site.

Examples – provides insight into some examples/ use cases for the API.

Sandbox – allows access to test the API and make sample calls with dummy data.

Platform Health Status – provides a status of the actual API in a stoplight fashion.

Management Dashboard – allows greater insight into how often they are using the API.

The WE API has two possible profile calls (Basic Profile & Full Profile) that may be made and return different values.

Basic Profile fields include: full name, age, gender, and primary address. Our primary ratings and scores, such as: Net Worth, Income, Real Estate Total Value, Accredited Investor, Real Estate – # of Properties, Estimated Annual Donations, P2G Score, and Gift Capacity will also be included.

Full Profile fields include: full name, age, gender, and primary address, marital status. Demographic and relationship information is also included such as; has children, spouse full name. Ratings and scores, such as: Net Worth, Income, Total Assets, Cash on Hand, Business Ownership, Business Sales Volume, Total Stock, Direct Stock Holdings, Indirect Stock Holdings, Investable Assets, Organization Type, Vehicle Ownership, Board Member, Real Estate Total Value, Accredited Investor, Real Estate – # of Properties, Total Pensions, Estimated Annual Donations, P2G Score, Affiliation Inclination, Planned Giving, Charitable Donations, Total Political Donations, and Gift Capacity will also be included.

Basic Profile Fields Sample Basic Profile Values
Full Name Bill Jones
Age 25
Gender Male
Primary Address – Personal 12345 Whirling Way, Kealakekua, HI, 96750
Net Worth 13 possible values:

  • Unable to Rate
  • < $25K
  • $25K-$50K
  • $50K-$100K
  • $100K-$500K
  • $500K-$1MM
  • $1MM-$5MM
  • $5MM-$10MM
  • $10MM-$25MM
  • $25MM-$50MM
  • $50MM-$100MM
  • $100MM-$500MM
  • $500MM+
Income 6 possible values:

  • Unable to Rate
  • $1-$50K
  • $50K-$100K
  • $100K-$250K
  • $250K-$500K
  • $500K+
Real Estate Total Value 9 possible values:

  • Unable to Rate
  • $1 – $250K
  • $250K – $500K
  • $500K- $750K
  • $750K – $1MM
  • $1MM – $2MM
  • $2MM – $5MM
  • $5MM – $10MM
  • $10MM+
Accredited Investor True — or — False
Real Estate – # of Properties 2
Estimated Annual Donations 8 possible values:

  • Unable to Rate
  • < $1K
  • $1K-$5K
  • $5K-$10K
  • $10K-$25K
  • $25K-$50K
  • $50K-$100K
  • $100K+
Propensity to Give (P2G) Score A descriptive label for the Propensity to Give (P2G) combo score that is determined by the first digit in the P2G.5 possible descriptive values:

  • P2G 1 = Excellent
  • P2G 2 = Above Average
  • P2G 3 = Average
  • P2G 4 = Fair
  • P2G 5 = Unmatched
Gift Capacity 21 possible values:

  • Unable to Rate
  • < $1K
  • $1K – $2K
  • $2K – $3K
  • $3K – $5K
  • $5K – $7.5K
  • $7.5K – $10K
  • $10K – $15K
  • $15K – $20K
  • $20K – $25K
  • $25K – $30K
  • $30K – $40K
  • $40K – $50K
  • $50K – $75K
  • $75K – $100K
  • $100K – $200K
  • $200K – $300K
  • $300K – $500K
  • $500K – $1MM
  • $1MM – $5MM
  • $5MM+

We’ve worked hard to keep the WE API really simple but powerful. There are just a few endpoints to know.

The WE API may be called by multiple input values including; Name and Address, Email Address, and Phone Number.

API Call Required Input Optional Input Returned
/v1/profile/find_one/by_address/basic Name, Address Profile attribute based on type requested
/v1/profile/find_one/by_email/basic Email Address Name Profile attribute based on type requested
/v1/profile/find_one/by_phone/basic Phone Number Name Profile attribute based on type requested
/v1/profile/session/create Logs app in and returns session ID

The sandbox can be accessed through the developers’ site which is publically available for developers to access whether they have purchased the WE API or not. This may be accessed through the site:

A user may register for the WE API by creating a login. Once logged into the developers’ site a developer may create, view and edit their API Keys for access to the sandbox. Any API Keys created will be provisioned only to their account. We then use API Keys to authenticate.

All requests must be https:// and authenticated. Valid authentication methods are:

        • API Key

        • Session Key


This unique identifier sometimes referred to as a bearer token can be used to secure all requests. API Keys should be kept secure as they are equivalent to a login and password.

Session Key

In some scenarios like web browsers, exposing the raw API Key might be a security risk. Any API Key can be used by a secure server to create a temporary Session Key which can be safely sent to and used by the web browser in place of the API Key. The lifespan of a Session Key is set when it is created. The default expiration is one hour (3600 seconds) from the time of creation. To create a new temporary Session Key, call /v1/session/create with a valid API Key.

A user may make up to 600 calls per minute. Further details will depend on their set plan.

Daily/monthly limits depend on your plan

Response time: < 1s

When you call our API, we do a lookup in our national database. We do not have every name/address, email, and phone so, there will be times when you call the API and don’t get anything back. Because we have differing amount of data coverage with name/address, email, and phone, match rates will vary depending on the piece of information you are using name/address, email, or phone to perform the lookup. We are continuously enhancing our data so, our match rates are always getting better.

We are continuously working to improve the API and add capabilities. Our roadmap includes a number of significant enhancements coming in the next few months including the ability to create prospect lists and the ability to look up a list of people through a batch call.

On the public site of for our WE API we’ve made documentation available so questions may be easily addressed. We suggest you review the provided documentation and FAQ first before contacting WE for support. Once registered and logged into the developers’ site you may access the support page which will also direct you to documentation, the FAQ and allow you to submit a ticket for our support staff.

If you have a question or need further assistance that is not available through our documentation you may submit a ticket to our support team from within the developers’ support page.

On that page you’ll see an area to contact us for additional help. Simply enter your name, email and details about your issue. Once submitted, your ticket will be received by our support team and someone will be in touch.

Initially we will not have a designated area within the developers’ site to report a bug. Any errors with documentation or bugs may be submitted through the support process by submitting an issue for our support team. These will then be routed to our engineers to resolve.

Our developers’ site enables you to sign up, try out, and develop against our sandbox for free. When you are ready to upgrade to production API access, simply contact us.

The WE API is priced so that you pay for what you get. Every time you call the API, we do a match against our nationwide database. You will be charged for each profile that is returned not for each call. This is due to the fact that sometimes you won’t get a result because we may not be able to match to a certain name/address, email, or phone number. We have a range of plans that allow you to buy just the volume you need. The higher the volume you purchase, the greater the discount.

You will be billed for your plan when you upgrade to production access.

Our plans do not have overage. If your usage exceeds the plan limits, the API endpoint will stop delivering data and you’ll need to contact us to purchase additional capacity.

The returned data in each call will tell you how many calls you have remaining with your plan.

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