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Case Studies
Case Study: Iconic Luxury Retail Brand
Case Study: Northwestern University
Published by: Michael Phillips
Published on:

Case Study: Luxury Destination Club

Published by: Michael Phillips
Published on:

100,000 Qualified Individuals Identified

A luxury destination club wanted to grow their clientele and increase their memberships. They used WealthEngine to examine and qualify the best potential prospects.

The Goal

The luxury destination club had a goal of learning more about their current customers, so that they could better understand what prospects to target.

WealthEngine’s Solution

They primarily leveraged WealthEngine’s Screening tool to identify insights on demographics, wealth, income and net worth, as well as the propensity to give score to identify qualified prospects and improve their targeting strategy.

The Result

WealthEngine provided a list of approximately 100,000 qualified individuals. A list of the top 100 prospects enabled this luxury destination club to create unique promotional campaigns to better target the ideal customer.