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Case Studies
Case Study: High-end Jewelry Retailer
Case Study: Luxury Destination Club
Published by: Amanda Cifone
Published on:

Case Study: Iconic Luxury Retail Brand

Published by: Amanda Cifone
Published on:

30% More HNWI Found

An iconic luxury retail brand sought to enhance their net worth data offerings and accuracy. By consulting WealthEngine’s ratings and scores, the brand was able to identify a considerable number of customers and prospects with a higher propensity and capacity to spend.

The Goal

The brand wanted to increase their profitable segmentation of target customers and improve consumer insights. Not only did they want to understand how to appeal to their existing customers, but the brand also wanted to engage prospects on a deeper level, in ways that were relatable and applicable.

WealthEngine’s Solution

The luxury retail brand benchmarked WealthEngine’s data against their existing provider’s data using multiple client data sets. In doing so, WealthEngine proved to consistently produce stronger match and coverage results across tests. The data gathered by the brand informed them which of their clients had the highest propensity and capacity to spend.

The Result

After gaining customer insights through WealthEngine, the brand was able to identify 30% more individuals with over $1M wealth.