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Case Studies
Case Study: Center Theater Group
Billionaire Census 2023
Published by: Amanda Cifone
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Case Study: Signature Theater

Published by: Amanda Cifone
Published on:

Donor Pool Increases from 200 to 1,000

Signature Theater wanted to determine the appropriate gift amounts to ask from donors. Using WealthEngine, they were able to more accurately assess their donor and prospects’ propensity to give. 

The Goal

Signature Theater wanted to identify patrons who would buy single tickets at their theater often and find out how they could get them to become active donors.

WealthEngine’s Solution

With WealthEngine, Signature Theater used Capacity to Give and Propensity to Give (P2G) scores to create appropriate amounts to ask from donors. These scores were also leveraged to determine if it were possible to increase the size and frequency of donations.

Their Result

Not only did Signature Theater use P2G scores to create appropriate ask amounts from donors, but they also completed 1,000 individual screenings and increased their number of new donors. These screenings enabled them to hone in on building and deepening donor relationships.