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Case Studies
Case Study: Young Life
Case Study: 1st Global
Published by: Amanda Cifone
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Case Study: Investment Advisory Company

Published by: Amanda Cifone
Published on:

Pre-qualify Prospect Pipeline to Build Stronger LTV

An investment advisory company wanted to make a process for prioritizing incoming prospects and fundraising tactics. They used WealthEngine to compile information on their prospects and learn how to build and cultivate relationships.

The Goal

They needed to gain a better understanding of incoming clients to strengthen their relationships and target their outreach efforts.

WealthEngine’s Solution

They utilized WealthEngine to screen all inbound leads to enrich their prospect profiles with information on net worth, real estate and luxury property ownership, geographical information, etc. By using WealthEngine, their advisors have a better understanding of who they’re speaking with and how to build the best long term relationships.

The Result

“With WealthEngine, we’re able to leverage wealth and demographic indicators to strengthen their relationships with existing clients and introduce themselves to new ones.” – Executive at firm