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Published by: Altrata Client Success
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Qualify leads and find more ways to connect 

Published by: Altrata Client Success
Published on:

M&T Bank leverages Altrata data
to successfully prequalify new leads
and map warm introductions

For M&T Bank, their Wealth Advisors’ ability to prequalify leads and uncover warm introductions to these leads is critical for their success and the success of their clients. The team at M&T initially engaged Wealth-X and WealthEngine years ago to better understand their clients and prospects with the help of Wealth intelligence. With M&T’s advisors having established confidence in knowing how to best apply our wealth data, they were motivated to streamline their relationship mapping to expand on new leads.

M&T Wealth Advisors leverage Altrata data to uncover and understand the profiles of the world’s wealthiest individuals, from their personal background, sources of wealth, and personal networks, to their interests, passions, and hobbies. If an advisor needs to quickly pull a list for their clients based on a specific archetype, they can feel confident in the results.

The workflow that M&T has perfected helps them streamline the lead qualification process. First, the team runs a search in WealthEngine to cast a wide net. Once they have identified a list of applicable individuals, the team moves to Wealth-X to dive deeper into their detailed dossiers to uncover influential data and information that will impact the success of their engagement. Our detailed Wealth Analysis proprietary financial model evaluates both public and private assets to accurately determine an individual’s net worth and liquid assets.

M&T advisors then need line-of-sight into where, when, and how to effectively engage these qualified prospects. The team has found significant impact in leveraging RelSci, an Altrata relationship mapping platform that allows the advisors to utilize their and their colleagues’ existing contacts to map a path of connection to newly identified prospects.

Finding out who individuals are connected to is the most fruitful information you can get when using Altrata products

Altrata user, M&T

With the help of Altrata wealth data and relationship mapping tools, the team has found success in mapping warm connections to new prequalified leads to close bigger deals, faster.

The team relies on the scope of our wealth data to curate lists for Wealth Advisors based on specific criteria (people they know, geographic location, net worth, etc.). A recent search uncovered over 1,200 prequalified board and club members as part of a client request.

The workflow established by the team at M&T utilizes Altrata data through a multitiered approached. Through this approach, the organization has been able to maximize net new opportunities by leveraging WealthEngine data to support broad scale US acquisition, utilize Wealth-X hand curated dossiers to better understand and target UHNW individuals, and then plug into RelSci to quickly navigate their networks to identify how they can connect with their desired audience.

M&T are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to leveraging the full value of Altrata data.