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Case Studies
Case Study: The Humane Society
Case Study: Young Life
Published by: Michael Phillips
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Case Study: Turning Point Ministries

Published by: Michael Phillips
Published on:

Mid-Level Revenue Doubled without Increasing Number of Donors

Turning Point Ministries, a Christian broadcasting program, wanted to familiarize themselves with their donor database, and conduct more regular screenings. By using WealthEngine, they were able to identify individuals who had a greater propensity and capacity to give. 

The Goal

Turning Point Ministries wanted to transition into research-driven prospecting to better segment, target, and engage potential major gift donors in their database.

WealthEngine’s Solution

With WealthEngine, Turning Point Ministries was able to perform Express Screenings regularly and frequently. This gave the organization a better impression of any discrepancies present in the wealth insights they had on their existing donors in their database. 

The Result

By familiarizing themselves with insights on individual donors through WealthEngine, Turning Point Ministries doubled their mid-level revenue without doubling their number of donors. If anything, after doubling their development team size, they were able to engage in quicker donation follow-ups. Turning Point Ministries used WealthEngine criteria and gift level to populate their watch lists, which made all the difference.