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Intelligence with impact

You’ve screened, modeled, analyzed and researched. So you have great, useful data. Now what? You have to keep it clean and current. You need to use it to design strategies. And you must take advantage of it to improve your sales, marketing and fundraising. You have to be consistently working toward your goals and growing your organization.


The best way to do that is with a data-driven strategy. That’s what WealthEngine does best.

Strategy and business consulting

There’s always room for improvement. Our structured approach looks at your entire business to find ways you can improve it. You know your company best, so WealthEngine works with you to find opportunities for better business. Our team will:


  • Assess your existing business processes
  • Identify and assess problems and opportunities
  • Design solutions – analytical, tactical, and operational
  • Implement those solutions through analytics, process design, and campaign design
Strategy and business consulting
Integrations and implimentations

Your data comes from different sources, and it’s constantly in flux. So you need to wrangle it into something you can manage and maintain, yet keep flexible and useful.  WealthEngine will assess what you’ve got and then help you design something better to help with data storage, flow and maintenance. You’ll want to actually use that data, so we’ll make sure our solution gives you business intel and valuable analytic power. Then you can design campaigns around accurate data about your donors and prospects. Here’s how we’ll do it:


  • Assess your data and infrastructure
  • Convert, consolidate, migrate and integrate your systems
  • Integrate your CRM system
  • Evaluate strategies for big data and data warehousing
  • Import data – customized for your systems
  • Report on that data
  • Cleanse your data
Integrations and implimentations
“We see the value of maximizing the screening data to help us focus on building the right relationships and make targeted asks throughout the year. We have created a development strategy to make that happen and are eager to get started.”
Leading Health Foundation